Revive California’s Signature Barbecue Style РComing Soon!


  • Handmade Wood-burning Barbecues (including charcoal BBQ pit)
  • Working handle and cable to raise and lower surface of Santa Maria grill.
  • Detachable frontal chop block cutting board (optional boards on either side).
  • Customizable with your family name, company logo or any other vector artwork.
  • Made of heavy duty 3/16 steel for durability
  • Optional stainless steel BBQ accessories can be purchased separately.

Soon you will be able to experience how ranchers & cowboys use to grill Santa Maria tri tip feasts over red oak to celebrate huge cattle roundups. This 19th Century culinary legacy of the Santa Maria Valley is too special to fade away into the history books. Learn the Santa Maria-style tri tip recipe from this recent article in the HuffPost