Simplify Life In Residential & Commercial Outdoor Spaces

Aerial view of outdoor heater positioned directly above a round table & 6 black chairs. Location is at a residential garden patio which includes a BBQ system, a wash basin on a granite countertop & some pretty flowers.

About Us

Outdoor Comfort Heating LLC was conceived to simplify life in residential and commercial outdoor spaces. For several years, we watched in frustration as numerous restaurant employees and hosts of private parties were daunted by the chores of moving bulky propane patio heaters along the floor to target different areas. We also witnessed how they had to inevitably replace propane tanks (right in front of guests) mid-way during events. These inconveniences and safety issues inspired our designers and engineers to create a 180° swing-arm infrared heater. The heater pole sits on the perimeters of outdoor spaces and is equipped with an outdoor heat lamp on a horizontal swing arm that could be rotated through a 180° path to heat a desired area. This design not only eliminates the problems we witnessed but also frees up valuable floor space to add more tables and guests.

We were also inspired to explore grills & outdoor cooking and developed a custom made Santa Maria Style BBQ in order to revive a 19th century culinary tradition that appears to be fading away into California’s history books. We will soon be selling these BBQ grills along with other custom outdoor products (such as fire rings, gates and staircase railings) through our distributors. Sign up via our Contact page in order to receive notifications of new product releases and special offers.