Is Your Patio Cluttered with Bulky Outdoor Heaters?

A crowded patio with 3 standard heaters to heat 1 table. 

Image of a dining table with 6 blue chairs being heated from the sides by 3 regular stand-up heaters. Image depicts lots of wasted energy from the heaters.

Standard heaters clutter patios creating many disadvantages:

  • Loss of valuable floor space
  • Need to push heavy heaters along the floor to re-position them
  • Increase in running costs since at least 3 heaters in use
  • Huge waste of energy as heat source not directly over table
  • Inconvenience to guests as maintenance done right in front of them.



De-clutter your patio with OCH’s 180° Swing-Arm heater.

Image of a dining table with 6 blue chairs being heated from above by just 1 Swing-Arm Heater. Image depicts how energy loss is minimised due to ability of heater to emit heat from directly above the center of the table. Image also illustrates how heater can be rotated through a 180° radius in 45° increments.

OCH’s Swing-Arm sits on the perimeters of patios enabling you to:

  • Unlock valuable floor space
  • Effortlessly rotate the 180° swing-arm to heat a target area
  • Lower running costs by replacing 3 regular heaters with 1 Swing-Arm
  • Minimise energy loss as heat lamp directly over table
  • Ensure safety of guests by doing maintenance on the perimeters