Is Your Patio Cluttered with Bulky Outdoor Heaters?

A crowded patio with 3 standard heaters to heat 1 table. 

Standard heaters clutter patios creating many disadvantages:

  • Loss of valuable floor space
  • Need to push heavy heaters along the floor to re-position them
  • Increase in running costs since at least 3 heaters in use
  • Huge waste of energy as heat source not directly over table
  • Inconvenience to guests as maintenance done right in front of them.



De-clutter your patio with OCH’s 180° Swing-Arm heater.

OCH’s Swing-Arm sits on the perimeters of patios enabling you to:

  • Unlock valuable floor space
  • Effortlessly rotate the 180° swing-arm to heat a target area
  • Lower running costs by replacing 3 regular heaters with 1 Swing-Arm
  • Minimise energy loss as heat lamp directly over table
  • Ensure safety of guests by doing maintenance on the perimeters